Coming Soon: New .Blog Domains for Websites

I am so happy that this is finally a reality that we can share with the World! News

For more than a decade, the word “blog” has been synonymous with “your home on the web.” And since 2005, has been proud to help you create a unique space that is all yours.

Now we’re excited to announce a brand new way to create a unique identity for your website: .blog, a top-level domain extension that will let you create a customized name and web address for your site.

A name that’s all yours

Just like .com before it, .blog is clear and accessible, and it creates millions of fresh, new options for naming your blog. It’s the perfect place to build your home on the web.

The .blog domains are coming this year — sign up here get notified when they become available. We’ll be offering them to all websites — you won’t need to have a WordPress or site to purchase one.

Why .blog?

For years, .com was the dominant…

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A journey of a thousand miles

…starts with a single step.

40 months ago, with the wish of sharing our love for WordPress, we decided to start a meetup.

35 meetups and one WordCamp later, the group counts more than 600 WordPress enthusiasts who love listening to great speakers (like Bruce in the picture above).

That simple first gathering in January 2013 was my first experience contributing to the WordPress community by bringing twenty people together in Vienna,  and next month we are welcoming more than two thousands  people for the largest WordCamp ever: WordCamp Europe 2016!