Where are the scissors?

Austrian Airlines sent me a satisfaction survey today. I figured I’d fill it, after all, I travel with them often, they are partners of WordCamp Europe 2016, and I hate their latest tariff changes when they started selling tickets with not checked-in luggage.

After a few classic questions rating statements from “I strongly disagree” to “I strongly agree” I ended on this one, that to be fair I had a hard time believing was true:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.54.23

I mean, for once, if I had to hold something that heavy I’d put gloves on, but also, more seriously, Austrian, really?

No, I mean, like… really???

WordCamp Europe 2016 is growing

I haven’t talked much about it here, but I have been part of the team organising WordCamp Europe since its first edition in 2013.

After Leiden (NL), Sofia (BG), Sevilla (ES) I have in addition the pleasure and honour to host the next edition in Vienna (AT), where I live, next June, from the 24th to the 26th.

After selling out all our 1700 tickets way faster than expected, we have now increased capacity and the very last batch of tickets was just made available.

You can read more about this and purchase yours here: https://2016.europe.wordcamp.org/wordcamp-europe-grows-to-2200-people-new-tickets-go-on-sale-today/

Looking forward to seeing you all in Vienna in June!

5 years in, Jetpack is soaring higher than ever!

Five years of Jetpack

Jetpack for WordPress

Today is a big day: Jetpack turns five!

On March 9th, 2011, a five-person team within Automattic released Jetpack 1.0 in an effort to extend a few excellent WordPress.com features to folks who host their own WordPress. Today, our team of 50 is proud to celebrate Jetpack’s 5th birthday, along with millions of our users and the rest of the WordPress community.

jetpack-team Jetpack Team – October 2015

Jetpack has a unique connection to the WordPress community — we started with just a few features from WordPress.com and expanded that list over time, based on what we learned from our contributors, beta testers, and you. You’ve all had a hand in making Jetpack great, so we’re celebrating Jetpack’s birthday with your words and stories.

The Food Blogger: Shayda Torabi

Shayda is a long-time Jetpack user and the author and editor of Dine with Shayda, a food and travel…

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